Many file or document links on our website use the Adobe Portable Document Format, also known as "PDF".

(PDF Reader is a extremly popular file viewer and many, if not most, people already have this available within their browser. But if not, visit the the Adobe website and use their free download to install it on your computer - see below. )

When you click on a PDF document link on one of our website pages, the document downloads and opens, often in a separate browser window. And it presents the first page of the document.

If you hover your mouse pointer toward the middle-bottom of that window, PDF Reader displays a navigation popup you can use to

At the far right of this navigation popup is a "fancy A" (Adobe) symbol which causes the full Adobe Reader toolbar to open at the top of the window. This toolbar gives you many more Adobe features to work with. For example, some large documents may have table of contents, some indices, or can be searched with the Find command.

If you want to express skip to directly saving a copy of PDF on your device:
In Internet Explorer (IE) instead of just clicking on the document link, "right-click" it instead. A popup displays and you select the option to "Save target as....". Specify a folder where the document will be saved (for example, My Documents or Desktop). That done, you can navigate there and double-click to open it with Adobe Reader by itself, independent of a browser.

Finally, if you find you need the Adobe Reader software because it is not on your computer already, visit the following link Adobe. More advice is available on their website and is beyond the scope of this tip sheet.

NOTE: you do not need to download/install either the Google Chrome browser or the Google Toolbar. This is a co-marketing effort and not necessary to successfully get and use the Adobe Reader. Suggest you simply uncheck these options before clicking the "Install Now" button. Get some help from a tech-savvy family member or friend if you are unused to installing software on your computer.